Protec Systems Pte Ltd.

Optical Tooling (Domes and Jigs)
  • Description
  • We represent leading manufacturer of precision optical tools(thin-film coating, cleaning, grinding and polishing) which are used in precision optics, camera, eyeglass, semiconductor, laser, medical apparatus and optical display industries.
  • Our principal has 5000 workshops and specialized in substrates thin-film deposition fixtures and jigs such  as coating domes, spinning domes, evaporation thin-film coating domes, dome jigs, substrate holders, calotte segments and dome rings(trays)
  • They have work with more than 200 International companies and their customers include  Satisloh, Nikon, Foxconn, Kyocera, Optorun, Leybold, Shincron, Showa, TJ-KDS, Corning, Carl Zeiss etc.