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0-2kW Rack Mounted Chillers
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19″ Rack Mount Chillers

 The R-series range of 19″ rack mounted chillers provide stable cooling water are designed to fit into standard electrical rack housings with a minimum depth of 600mm. This makes them ideal for cooling servers and reduces the loss of vital floorspace.

The R-series ranges from 0.5kW up to 2kW in cooling capacity.The R-series range of 19″ rack mount chillers provide excellent reliability and cooling power in a compact enclosure. A combination of powerful cooling outputs and coolant flow rates makes this versatile range of circulating chillers suitable for many applications where space is at an absolute premium and 19” racks are being utilised and have extra space.

All of the CR 19″ rack mount circulation chillers incorporate an air-cooled refrigeration system (water cooled condensers optional). A stainless-steel reservoir provides an optimal thermal buffer whilst a stainless-steel evaporator ensures corrosion free operation, whilst being compatible with Deionised water.

The entry level CR 19″ rack mount chillers come with an impressive array of features fitted as standard. Digital temperature control provides simple adjustment, visual temperature display and control stability to +/-0.75 °C, whilst +/-0.1 °C stability is provided as an option. Safety interlocks include low coolant level, high coolant temperature and high/low gas pressure warning.

Available with different controller options to help suit your budget. The ecoR05 allows you to control the rate of cooling. The R05 has a built-in touchscreen controller, variable speed fan and compressor, making it our most advanced unit yet, and perfect for the quiet laboratory. Our other units use a PID controller which has proven a reliable method for temperature control, whilst being economical.

ATC R-series rack mounted chillers are perfect for cooling laser sources, RF signal generations, electrical components, X-ray sources and optical devices.