Protec Systems Pte Ltd.

Company Profile

Protec Systems Pte Ltd provides sales & service in the low temperature refrigeration, cryogenics, and high vacuum coating industry. 

Established in 1997 & based in Singapore, we serve the South & East Asia region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, & Vietnam.

We are active in the following market segments:

  • Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • R & D

Our key resource is our people. Our strength is our qualified and trained sales & service engineers.

We offer the benefits of local business practices, languages, and currencies.Our objective is to work in alliance with our customers, and achieve cost savings & strong business enhancements for our customers.


Our unifying vision is to provide the best technical solution & customer service, based on the concept of integrity and trust between people. Our dedication to customer’s needs, both in service & delivery, is a significant part of our operating philosophy.

Personal, local, and expert assistance is yours when you call on Protec. Should you wish to know more about our products & services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Facility

We have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Our main facility in Singapore has over 7,000 sq ft of office, workshop, and storage space. Located within 45 minutes of international air and sea ports – the facility offers excellent connectivity with the region.

Most importantly however, the above are all home to an organization of people – with years of experience, dedication, and pride.